Our farmers

Our farmers

Since the start of the project in 2014, we have committed to establishing a long-term relationship with our farmers based on three pillars:

trust, communication and transparency.

We rely on more than 80 agricultural professionals, with decades of experience in the sector.

There has been so much interest that, year after year the number of people interested in introducing the quinoa crop to their land increases, significantly expanding the sowing area with each harvest.

Quinoa crops in Andalusia

Quinoa crops in Andalusia

Development of local agriculture:

We firmly believe in the development of local agriculture, which positively contributes to the sustainability of crops and the economy of the area.

Therefore, all of our quinoa is harvested in Andalusia and none of our farms are more than three hours away from our facilities. More specifically, the cultivation areas are largely located in the provinces of Seville, Cordoba, and Malaga.

Nowadays we rely on:

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A total of more than 3,000 ha cultivated land.

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60% dry land.

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40% irrigated land.


Quinoa offers a new alternative which allows the diversification of risk by introducing it into the rotation with other traditional crops.


The quinoa crop replaces existing crops (wheat, sunflowers or rice) in dry and irrigated land in a more profitable way due to its high resistance to a lack of water and not requiring the use of pesticides.


We support our farmers through the entire process to resolve any questions securing the success of the harvest.

We train and advise the farmers

We train and advise the farmers

Throughout the cultivation process:

Preparation of the land

The sowing

The harvesting

Indicating in every case:

Deadlines, methodology and care.

We provide our own seeds

to the farmers ensuring a uniform product from the growth in the farm to the final result.

We periodically supervise

The farms to confirm the correct development of the crops and we are available throughout the process for any related issues: risks, growth, harvest,…

This synergy between business and farmers increases understanding and improves the crops in every harvest, currently leaving us with above average yields.

1,500 kg/ha for dry land and 3,000 kg/ha for irrigated land.

Synergy between
farmers and business