What is quinoa?

What is quinoa?

Quinoa is a pseudocereal whose grains have:

a high nutritional value,
surpassing cereals like wheat or rice.

With a high content of whole proteins
and amino acids that are essential for humans:

Due to its versatility
in the kitchen, its demand
has increased significantly
in the last few years
Our varieties

Our varieties

At Iberoquinoa, we have spent more than 5 years researching
and introducing quinoa crops to Andalusia.


We select and develop our own varieties naturally, adapted to our territory and climate.

Until now, we have registered more than three distinct varieties, all with
the best characteristics for your consumption, both aesthetically and nutritionally:

Large, round, and uniform grains, with an increased nutritional content and high yields in the field.



We are committed to research and constant improvement, and developing our varieties allows us to obtain

quinoa with distinct characteristics, optimised for each of our clients specific uses:

Constant research
is the foundation of our products